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We all like to gather around food. This might be why the dining room is considered the hub of a home. When it comes to selecting your dining room furniture, it’s important to learn about the factors that will make it function well for you. At Yoder’s Amish Furniture, we’ll present the options to help you make a good decision.

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What to consider when
shopping for dining furniture

1 Measure your space

Before you start shopping around, measure your dining area to determine how big your dining table can be. Take note of any doorways or walkthroughs. In order for chairs to fit, you’ll need at least 36 inches of clearance between your table and any walls or furniture. To make this step easier, we created a simple graph paper sheet for you to record your measurements and sketch out your room.

Download our graph paper

2 Table base

Let’s start at the bottom - with the base of your table. You’ll find numerous options here including single and double pedestals, trestles, leg tables with four legs, and counter or bar heights. Most tables can be dining, counter, or bar heights, and most can be expanded with self-storing leaves. Each type has pros and cons, and you’ll need to make a decision based on the looks and functions you hope your table serves.

Pedestal tables have a look that’s on the contemporary side. They may not be quite as sturdy as the corner support base, but you won’t have to worry about losing seating because of a table leg being in the way. Pedestal tables will also have gear-driven tops, which are easy to expand when you want to add leaves.

Trestle bases tend to look traditional in style. This is the way that tables have been made for hundreds of years. These bases can be very heavy, but they have convenient gear-driven mechanisms to make it easy to add leaves.

Leg tables are sturdy and clean-looking. While they are easy to expand, this job often requires two people, unlike most gear-driven pedestals and trestles.

3 Tabletop

Tabletops have a lot of variety too! With options in shapes, bevels, wood species, and stains, creating your ideal table is well within reach. First, decide which shape you prefer. Round or oval tops can seat slightly more people per square foot. Some folks also like round because you can see everyone at the table.

Rectangle or square tops have benefits too. They are easier to fit into spaces, plus they accommodate benches, which can be incorporated for extra seating when the table expands.

Oval and rectangular tables also have the benefit of storing leaves, while round and square tables cannot store expansion leaves.

4 Seating

Our collections are filled with a variety of seating options of different styles (stools, side chairs, armchairs) and heights (dining, counter, and bar), and mechanisms (stationary or swivel). You can choose chairs that match your other hardwoods or go for a contrasting look - it’s up to you! We‘ll sell any number of chairs to suit your needs, not just sets of four or six.

If you’re not sure which way to go, consider that rectangular tables and counters are most comfortable with side chairs, stools, or a mix, but round tables may accommodate a full set of armchairs. In the end, your room is unique, and exploring your options with an expert may be the best way to learn what you’d like.

5 Finish options & extras

It’s time to finalize your look. You can get any of our pieces in the finish and color you want. We’ll even help you match it to existing furniture if that’s what you need. We also have a variety of table bevels to choose from. Adding a bevel may help protect the edge of your table from dings and chips.

If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for in a dining set, that’s okay! Seeing the options firsthand in-store as well as discussing them with a salesperson should help you know which direction to go in.

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