amish_farm_picThe Holmes County area is home to the world′s largest Amish population. They live a unique lifestyle all their own which some may say is unnecessarily difficult. The Amish shun modern conveniences. They light their homes by lantern, make their own clothing, travel by horse–drawn carriages, milk their cows by hand, and farm without benefit of high–powered machinery.

Historically, the Amish culture has been agricultural–based. However, due to a growing shortage of good farmland, many Amish have undertaken other occupations. These include woodworking, basket-making, quilting, carpentry, engine–repair, buggy–making, and blacksmithing to name a few. Many Amish families conduct their occupations through home-based shops. From these home-based shops, Yoder′s Amish Furniture contracts with the Amish to make some of the most sturdy, beautiful handcrafted furniture in the world.